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What is a motor driver

The motor driver is simply a switch, because the motor drive current is very large or the voltage is very high, when a general switch or electronic component cannot be used as a switch to control the motor, a so-called driver must be added to control the motor.
The role of the motor driver: the role of the motor driver refers to the way of controlling the motor idle speed by controlling the rotation angle and running speed of the motor to realize the control of the duty cycle.
Motor drive circuit principle circuit diagram: The motor drive circuit can be driven either by relays or power transistors, or by thyristors or power MOS field effect transistors. In order to adapt to different control requirements (such as the working current and voltage of the motor, the speed regulation of the motor, the forward and reverse control of the DC motor, etc.), different types of motor drive circuits must meet the relevant requirements.
The electric vehicle does not start when it is powered on, and it is more laborious to push and accompanied by the sound of "ping, ping, ping". In this case, the motor wire is connected to a short circuit due to the virtual connection. You can unplug the three thick phase wires of the motor and the cart's laborious phenomenon disappears, indicating that the controller is broken and needs to be replaced in time. If it is still difficult to implement, it means that there is a problem with the motor, which may be caused by the short circuit of the motor coil.
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