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Introduction to the difference between Ye2 and ye3

Introduction to Ye2 Motor
The Ye2 motor is based on the common standard motor, and the rotor of the motor is embedded with rare earth permanent magnet materials. Compared with ordinary motors, Ye2 motors have the following eight advantages: small size, light weight, and less consumables. Due to the high magnetic energy product and coercive force of rare earth permanent magnet materials, the miniaturization and weight reduction of the magnetic circuit system of the motor are realized. High power factor. The rare earth permanent magnet motor rotor has no induced current excitation, and the stator winding presents a resistive load. The power factor of the motor is close to 1, which reduces the stator current, further improves the efficiency of the motor, and saves the investment of the grid 1.
The difference between Ye2 motor and ye3 motor
1. Different production time
YX3 (YE2) motor is a high-efficiency motor produced in 2005. The YE3 motor is an ultra-efficient motor produced in 2010.
2. The energy consumption standards of the motor are different
According to the newly promulgated national motor energy efficiency standard in 2012: GB18613-2012 "Minimum and Energy Efficiency Levels of Small and Medium Asynchronous Three-phase Motors", YX3 series motors are high-efficiency three-level energy-consuming motors. YE3 series motors are ultra-efficient two-stage energy-consuming motors.
3. Different exercise levels
YE3 motor is an ultra-high-efficiency motor. It adopts new motor design, new technology and new material to improve the output efficiency of the motor by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. It is an upgraded product of YX3 (YE2) series motors.
4. Efficiency is different
YE3 series products have high efficiency (more than 3% higher than YE2 series motors on average), and have obvious energy-saving effect, which can completely replace YE2 and YX3 series high-efficiency motors.
5. Different applications
In the new motor energy efficiency standard promulgated by my country in 2012, although the YX3 index is slightly higher than the YE2 motor in value, its detection method is different, and its performance is similar to the YE2 motor in many specifications, which belongs to the new high-efficiency three-level energy efficiency. These two series of motors belong to ordinary high-efficiency motors in the new national standard.