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How to control the switch of small power single-phase motor?

A single-phase motor has two windings, the start winding and the run winding. The two windings are 90 degrees apart in space. A capacitor with a large capacity is connected in series on the starting winding. When the running winding and the starting winding pass through single-phase alternating current, the current in the starting winding is 90 degrees ahead of the current in the running winding due to the action of the capacitor, and the current arrives first. maximum value.

Two identical pulse magnetic fields are formed in time and space, so that a rotating magnetic field is generated in the air gap between the stator and the rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, an induced current is generated in the rotor of the motor, and an induced current is generated in the rotor. The electron flow with its own current interacts with the static magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque, so as to realize the steering of the motor, so that the direction and speed of its rotational motion are similar to sine waves. The direction of the magnetic field for rotational motion, attraction and motion is consistent with the direction of motion.

There is a wide range of application scenarios for modern AC motors. In order to make the motor run normally, electric drive must be used. In the past, low power was used for household appliances. Most motors in the industrial field are AC motors, because AC motors have no commutation. There are more application fields for applications that require speed regulation.

Compared with DC motors, AC motors do not have commutators and brushes, but they are very different in terms of frequency, torque and speed. For example, each motor is equipped with an encoder. So the motor has no commutator and brushes, and these two basic differences mean different things.

Because the magnetic field of the motor hinders the current, controlling the speed of the motor can easily make the magnetic field of the rotor of the motor have an influence on NPN and Nd. Therefore, if the questioner provides the information of the frequency converter, then the motor can pass the following article. The content is for everyone to understand, let us use this to gain a more comprehensive understanding.