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How to control the speed of a DC motor

Many special industries require DC motors to achieve precise positioning and adapt to severe load changes. Usually, controlling the speed of the DC motor can effectively meet the requirements of various industries. The specific methods are:
1. Adjust the armature voltage. Changing the armature voltage to change the speed is a constant-rotation saw speed regulation method with fast dynamic response, which is suitable for systems that require a large range of stepless smooth speed regulation.
2. Changing the main magnetic flux of the motor can only weaken the magnetic flux, so that the motor can shift from the rated direction to the upward speed, which is a constant power speed regulation method, and the dynamic response is slow.
3. Change the resistance of the armature circuit and set the resistance in the outer series of the armature of the motor for speed regulation. Only step-by-step speed regulation is possible, with poor smoothness, soft mechanical properties and low efficiency.
The control method of DC motor speed is divided into simple control and complex control, mainly through the control of physical quantities such as speed, rotation angle, torque, voltage, current, power and so on of the DC motor.
The above is the introduction of how to control the speed of the DC motor. I hope it can help you. If you need more relevant knowledge, please contact us and we will answer you one by one.