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What is Three Phase Motor?

Three phase motors are a type of electric machine that converts electrical power into mechanical energy. They are reversible and can be used to drive equipment such as pumps, fans and conveyors. They are ideal for industrial and commercial applications with a wide range of efficiencies and torques.
Three-phase motors are a common solution to many power needs. They are easy to install, repair and maintain, and can be operated at a wide range of voltages. They also produce a stable, high-quality output and have low energy consumption.

They are commonly found in industrial and light-duty applications such as rotary turntables, material handling conveyors, fan and pump drives, and industrial lighting systems. They are also popular in eMobility applications, including commercial electric and hybrid vehicles.
The three phase motor has a stator and a rotor, which are connected to form a circuit. The rotor contains induction coils and metal bars, which are energized by the three-phase power source to produce the mechanical energy that rotates the motor shaft.
When a current flows through the stator, it induces a magnetic field that is produced within the rotor windings. This induced current causes the rotor to try to "catch" the rotating magnetic field and then turns faster than the speed of the rotating magnetic field. The difference in rotational speed is referred to as slip and is a result of the induced current. This difference in rotational speed is what produces the mechanical torque that produces the movement of the motor shaft.