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What Is a Fan Motor?

A fan motor is a type of electric motor that turns electrical current into mechanical energy. It is used in a variety of applications, such as ceiling fans and air conditioners.

Condenser Fanmotor
A condenser fan motor is located on the top of your air conditioning unit, usually close to the compressor. Its job is to help keep the compressor from overheating by cooling and condensing gaseous refrigerant.

A blower motor is also located on the top of your air conditioning unit, but instead of cooling, it pushes hot air through your ductwork to different parts of your home. The condenser and blower motors both work together to help your system run more efficiently, so they should not be able to work without each other.

AC Fanmotor
As its name suggests, an AC fan motor uses the alternating current (AC) power from your home to operate. By converting this supply into DC and regulating the electrical speed, this fan motor is able to achieve a much more reliable and efficient performance.

DC Fanmotor
Unlike AC fan motors, which are more complex with a slew of components, DC fans feature a simpler design and are typically smaller. This makes them a popular choice for fans that want to fit in tight spaces and offer unique looks. Plus, they use up to 70 percent less energy than AC fan motors!