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There are many types of AC motors

AC motor operates on the principle of electromagnetism to convert AC current into mechanical energy. This is done by a magnetic field that is generated within the coils of the motor and then used to turn a rotor assembly.

The rotor is made up of multiple disks which are insulated from each other to minimize eddy currents. This increases the rotor's efficiency and reduces the risk of electric shock.
There are many types of AC motors, including:
Induction:This type of motor is the most basic and rugged; it relies on electromagnetic induction to generate the necessary current to turn the rotor. These are the most common, and they also produce the best torque at synchronous speed.
This is a more advanced type of AC motor. Its reversible nature allows it to run in either direction, so long as there is no load on the motor's shaft.
The brushless design of these motors eliminates the need for a commutator and brushes, which makes them faster and more efficient than other DC motors. They also provide less noise and have higher durability, making them a popular choice for many applications.
Before ac motors are installed, they must be evaluated to ensure they meet safety standards and comply with the application environment. For example, they must not be operated in the presence of flammable gases, dust, oil, vapor or moisture. The installation of an AC motor system in these conditions can be dangerous and could result in a failure of the device or equipment.