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Commonly used circulation methods of linear stepper motors

In the operation process of linear stepping motor, it has its own unique operation mode. There are two common circulation modes of linear motor: outer circulation and inner circulation. These two modes have different characteristics and functions.
First, the external circulation: the external circulation is that the motor re-enters the circulation through the helical groove or cannula on the outer surface of the nut to return to the screw and nut after the cycle is completed.
Second, the inner cycle: the inner cycle adopts the inverter to realize the motor cycle, and there are two types of inverters.
The linear stepper motor is sometimes out of contact with the lead screw during the cycle, which is called the outer cycle; the one that always keeps in contact with the lead screw is called the inner cycle. Each closed circuit of the motor is called a row, and the number of leads contained in the closed circuit of each ball circulation is called the number of turns. Therefore, in the future work, you must pay attention to these two cycle modes and make good use of them according to their characteristics.